I Hate Fantasy Football

I got my plate for my car today as well.  I thought the office opened at 7:30, arrived at 8:15, and it opened at 8:30.  I ended up waiting and was the first one in.  Nice.  The new plate looks great.

I am watching the Cardinals vs. Rams game.  I have 3 players:  Danny Amendola, Andre Roberts, and the Arizona defense.  The game started with a bang with a long pass to Amendola.  AMAZING catch.  Then Roberts starting catching a bunch of balls.  Then it all just stopped.  Amendola went out of the game with an injury and isn’t coming back.  Kolb and Bradford couldn’t complete anything.  I think Roberts dropped a ball or two.  And the defense of the night is NOT the Cards, but the Rams, who have sacked Kolb several times.  Sick.  The Rams finally got points going again and now it is 17-3.  I wanted to see the Cards continue their winning streak, but it’s not looking good.  I picked them to win, but I didn’t put many points on it.  I had a feeling this one be a tough win, but I also thought it would be a fairly high scoring game.
I just think FF changes the way I watch the game and even makes me feel like I am jinxing things.  I think this is definitely going to end it for me.  That and the fact I am 0-4.

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