Bought a Couch

We ended up buying the couch we saw at Rooms to Go a couple days ago.  But another almost edged it out.  We first stopped at American Signature Furniture and found another couch on clearance that had a sofa bed as well.  It was part leather, part fabric, and the fabric looked like corduroy.  It was slightly smaller and not as comfortable.  When we told Grace this over Mexican food, she couldn’t figure out why it was a hard decision.  Very true.

I always love how when you finally go to purchase something like this, they add on a bunch of charges you assume were free.  I am not necessarily talking about deliver charges, but rather – Scotchguard.  All I heard was how great it was to have this on the couch and how they would replace the couch if it didn’t work.  Not once did the salesman mention it was $60.  Oh well.  It wasn’t like we were going to go without.  Not with 4 kids around.   

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