Kevin Faulk retires

I’m sure Kevin Faulk assessed the running situation in New England this season and decided it was time to retire.  It was rumored he wanted back in the rotation, but NE is doing very well with a young crop of RBs including Stevan Ridley, Danny Woodhead, Shane Vereen, and Brandon Bolden.  

Sure, Tom Brady is currently the longest tenured Patriot on the roster, but if Faulk were still on the team, it would be him.  He never played for any other team.  He was drafted during the Pete Carroll era and it’s really a wonder that Belichick held onto him as he was cleaning house.  Maybe he saw a future leader, because at the time he was nothing more than a third down back.  But Faulk got better every year.  And during their 2002 season in which they missed the playoffs, he was the lone bright spot, always trying to win.
Kevin Faulk will always be one of my Top 5 Patriots of all-time.  Certainly not the flashiest, but he was much more than a 3rd down back.  He had some great plays that kept drives alive, even on 1st and 2nd down.  He would do whatever he was asked to do….unselfishly.  He always kept a positive attitude and deserves the 3 Super Bowl rings he has.  It’s a shame it’s not five rings.
One more thing….that 4th and 2 plays against the Colts.  He got the first down.

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