Bad Parent

Yesterday I came home to find Max and Mitchell home alone as Julie and Roman had gone off to a meeting and wouldn’t be back until late.  I asked the boys to get dinner started while I run out to do a couple errands. I came home to find dinner ready and sat down to eat.

If anyone is reading this, you may note that I never mentioned Grace.  For some odd reason, I thought Grace was with Julie, even though I talked to Julie later and knew that she was at a meeting for just her and that Roman was at Dancing Grits. Grace returned home on her own from Ellie’s house at 8:15 and was peeved that no one came to get her.  She asked if we had eaten, which I had to explain we had…..over an hour ago.  I offered her dinner, but she passed.  Instead, we somehow got into an argument about how she can’t stay at Ellie’s when they eat dinner.  As usual, she deflected this to talk about how the other siblings do the same thing.  They don’t.  
After this was all over, it was time to help Max focus on getting his college applications in for Georgia and Georgia Tech.  Nothing like waiting until the last day for early admission.  I watched a little bit of Monday Night Football, only to see the Chargers collapse.  What else is new.

One thought on “Bad Parent

  1. Reed97

    Man, you’ve got a lot of kids. It would be unfair to blame you for losing track of one or two every once in a while. Consider yourself pardoned!


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