Today I learned that my parents would not be coming up for Mitchell’s confirmation on Saturday.  I was looking forward to seeing them as it has been awhile.  And the next time might not be until Christmas, and that is likely to be with my sister there as well, so not quite as good.  She gets all the attention. 🙂

Apparently my dad had really bad chest pain and had to go to the hospital for testing.  I believe he will still be going back for testing on Friday, which is the day they were headed up here.  Since they let him go, it doesn’t sound too serious.  I hope not.  This comes a week after Nathan telling me about his chest pain experience from GERD and me waking up with chest pain on Saturday morning when Julie was out of town.  What the heck is with all the chest pain?  
My plan was to take off Friday to get ready for them.  And I had a host of other things to do.  But now with this AND the revelation that everything I had done on a project I worked on this week is based on bad data, it really changes Friday’s dynamic.  I still need time off.  I worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I need to take my mind off it.  
We will still be having a get together at the house on Saturday, so I need to find a place for this extra couch.  But no grandparents will be there.  Sigh.

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