If there is one thing I hate, it’s when I rip a CD and find that the song is “damaged goods”.  Problem is I usually don’t discover it until months or even YEARs later.  This was the case with a song today.  Though it has been on my iPod for a long, long time, I noticed that “She’s My Baby” from the Traveling Wilburys was skipping parts of it while I listened on my ride home from work.  And the worst part, it was jacking up Jeff Lynne’s (my favorite Wilbury) intro vocal!  I had to fix it.

I opened up my 400-disc player (that has been played maybe twice since 2010) and pulled out the disc I needed.  I use the 400-disc player mostly for storage.  This particular disc was a copy.  At one time I had actually planned to make copies of all discs going into the 400-disc player since it can read CD-Text, which most discs do not have (why is this?).  Anyway, that begged the question…..did the song get messed up in the ripping process or is my copy incorrect?  Turns out it was the copy, which went into the trash.  Now to find the disc.  Off to the attic.
I had to go through 3 boxes in the attic to find the disc I needed.  But I should have realized it was in the 3rd box.  The first two boxes were mostly discs I ripped but do not store in the 400-disc player.  The 3rd are all discs in the player.  One of the boxes was falling apart.  I need to fix that.  So now everything is peach keen, at least until the next time I find an error on my iPod.  It’s a never ending dilemma.
There was another debate tonight as well.  I had a hard time paying attention, but no doubt Obama did better.  Still, this debate nor the upcoming will change my vote, unless my candidate of choice goes completely off his rocker.

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