Mitchell’s Confirmation

There’s nothing like going to a 90-minute mass and not have it count as your Sunday obligation.  True!  But it was a big day, as Mitchell received his confirmation. Add Sebastian to his name.  Julie’s friend served as her sponsor and her whole family came out.  Jim and family came too.  Her friend’s family could not stay (long story), but Jim came over afterward, though now they couldn’t stay long either.  With my parents canceling due to my dad’s surgery, it was a big production with no one to see it.   And really, no one for Mitchell to interact with. 

Speaking of Mitchell, Julie told me his Facebook status changed to “in a relationship”.  Interesting.
I took Grace to get a costume tonight at Party City.  That’s what she wanted to do and I obliged.  Looks like Julie won’t have to sew anything.  For $30, we got the whole shebang.  She’s going as some candycorn……person.  It has a candy corn hat, leggings, dress, and arm thingys.  I bought a Hannibal Lecter face mask for $1.50.  Couldn’t pass it up for that price, though I don’t plan on dressing for Halloween.  We’ll see.

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