Return to the Gym

I finally got back to the gym today after a long drought.  Had to be at least a week.  Julie did not go with me as she had somewhere to be.  I was so happy they had football on while I was there.  Texans vs. Ravens, and it was great watching the Texans beat them to a pulp.  J.J. Watt is awesome.

Whew…as I type, a play was just reversed allowing the Pats to keep the ball at the 1-yard line in a rough game against the Jets.  Score is current 16-13 in favor of the Patriots, who are wearing their throwback uniforms today.
I also got my hat back from Magic Wok while I was over near the gym.  And I got a haircut.  Very short, but she left more on top than I thought.  Hope it doesn’t look scraggly in a week.
Jason invited me to watch the game today at Mazzy’s, but just couldn’t make it happen.  Wasn’t sure about being there with his girlfriend and kid anyway.
Need to call my dad.

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