Chock Full of Activity

Boy do I love sleeping in on Saturday, and when the weather is like it is (cold in the morning), it’s even better.  I heard Max get up early to go to cross country (and I mean crazy early once again), but that didn’t deter me from waking up at 9:30am.  

After a shower, Julie and I took the dog on a 3-mile walk.  When we got back, it was time to plan what we might do for the rest of the day.  The first thing we decided was to go out to lunch, and we trekked all the way over to Roswell to go to Diesel.  It wasn’t as good this time around, and Roman looked half asleep the whole time.  Max didn’t accompany us because he said he felt sick.
After lunch, we stopped by the Roswell Library to see if I could renew my library card.  Unfortunately, I thought I could do it given that I worked in Fulton County.  Not the case.  You need to live in Fulton County, so that was disappointing.
One of the things we talked about doing was going to a pumpkin patch, but particularly I wanted to do a corn maze.  How this never came about I don’t know.  Julie went to take a nap and I started watching Kansas State play Texas Tech at some point.  I also called my mom and dad and talked to them for a while.  Julie later went out with Grace to sell chocolate for American Heritage girls.  They didn’t return until after 5pm, so the corn maze idea was going by the wayside.
We started a game of Ticket to Ride, but Grace didn’t play.  It was one for the ages, as I was sure Julie had won the game.  But as she went through her destination tickets, I had to let her in on the fact that she didn’t finish her 21-pt route because she never connected to San Francisco.  Her long route stopped at Los Angeles.  Oops. I win.
I would have loved to go to the movie that night, but we stayed in and streamed a movie from Amazon.  Earlier in the day I was finally successful at getting the Blu-ray player to work, so why not take advantage.  And I had intended to use a $2 credit I had but forgot to add it to Amazon.  So watching “The Pirates! Band of Misfits” cost us $3.99, but it was a fun, entertaining film.  
After this we watched more “Breaking Bad” and then I finished watching “Warrior” which I started earlier in the day to test Netflix.  Ended up watching the whole movie.  After this, I was checking out all the other “channels” on the Blu-ray player.  Before I knew it, it was nearly 2am.  So I am cheating a bit in backdating this entry, but what else is new?

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