To GeoCache or Not to GeoCache

It was a cold day, and so the corn maze went by the wayside once again.  Instead, after watching the Falcons continue their streak of perfection, Roman, Grace, Julie, and I all went to search for geocache.

It was a bit pathetic at first.  My phone was so slow in telling us where to go, and we didn’t know how to properly use a compass (and still not 100% sure).  We wandered around outside of a pet clinic for several minutes, searching in the bushes.  There was a lot of, “I found it”, only to find that no one had found anything.  I would walk with my phone’s “compass” and the distance to the geocache would decline, and then all of a sudden start to increase.  But then Julie gave a more emphatic “I found it” and pulled out a cookie jar-like container shaped like a cat.  Inside were several small items: plastic rings, toy compasses (probably not much worse than my phone’s), etc.  We put something in and took something out.  That’s the way it works.  
We then decided to go look for another geocache that was in the opposite side of the strip mall we parked at.  This time it was a bust.  There was too much trash amongst the trees we searched, and though I know we were in the right area, we finally gave up.  People had found it before according to the comments, and many said they found it “exactly where they thought it would be”.  No idea what that means.  We found nothing.
I am sure we will try it again, but we probably need to learn some tips or something.  

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