Halloween: Best Time to Go Crazy on Someone

We went around the neighborhood with the neighbors again for Halloween, and Grace and Ellie had another friend along.  Roman stayed home and played the Mitchell role of scaring kids as they got candy.  He enjoyed it, but he said some kids were beating on him at one point.  He didn’t want to talk about it and didn’t seem shaken up, but man, I wish I had been around. Mitchell went around the neighborhood with his girlfriend, but I never saw them out either.  Max went to a friend’s house to watch a movie.

At first we forgot to bring Biscuit with us, so we had to go back and get him about halfway through the neighborhood.  At one point a guy went up the street dressed as Leatherface and carried a chainsaw.  I never actually saw the mask, but I know it was some gory.  I never saw him pass us again.  How the heck do you know if someone like that isn’t a nut job out to get someone?  Of someone hadn’t told us earlier it was one of the neighbors, I would have been keeping an eye out for that dude all night.
I’ve been sitting at the computer since we got back but never really planned to do that.  I should be watching a scary movie or something.

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