The Deluxe

Gotta love the music industry.  Even though they complained their hearts out years ago that they weren’t making any money because people were sharing music through the likes of Napster, they must be making a bundle without having a physical product to produce. Sure, they still make CDs, but my guess is the MP3 version of an album outsells the CD (or vinyl).  I still prefer to have the CD, so it totally irks me when they make a deluxe version of an album with extra tracks and it’s on iTunes or Amazon MP3 only.  I think I should get something extra spending a bit more for the CD.  Nope.  Heck, they usually don’t even include a booklet anymore.  And jewel case?  Forget about it.  It’s a very skinny cardboard sleeve.  In some ways, this is OK as I usually just rip the MP3 and throw the CD in a box, or in my car as backup should my iPod crap out.  Well, at least I can buy those extra songs for $1 if I want to do that.  And usually bonus tracks aren’t great anyway.

Speaking of MP3s and CDs, I started going through all my music from 2012, starting with “A”.  I am now on Dan Miraldi, whose album I never even heard when I first got it.  And I don’t even know where I got it.  

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