Sick Wife

This morning Julie and I went to the gym.  It’s the first time we have gone together in over a week, and the first time I had been there in a week.  When we were finished, Julie said she wasn’t feeling too good.  After picking up some groceries together, we returned home and she took her temperature to find she had a slight fever.  She laid down for a nap and wasn’t up for another 2 and a half hours.

During that time, I emptied a couple boxes in the garage and continued to work on getting a lot of the discs in my storage cabinet ripped.  I also continue to play through all my 2012 songs.  I am now on letter “F”… to be exact.  I would have liked to do the corn maze today, but Julie’s sickness took care of that.
Julie had to take Grace to a sleepover party around 5pm and bring back Roman’s friend Aidan to sleep here.  While she was gone, I made dinner….but she didn’t eat any!  Arrrrgggh.  She went up to bed and never came back.  
So I was in charge of the kids, and pretty much let them do what they wanted: play chess, play with legos, play video games, and later they watched “The Lorax”.  I did take them to get ice cream at McDonald’s and picked Julie up some medicine while I was out.
While they watched their movies, I had football on and was going through some old magazines.  I have a stack of them I never read.  I got through: one.  Oh well.  The Kansas State game was good (translation: they won), but their star QB is hurt.  That’s bad.  Hope it’s not serious.  They could be ranked #1 when they do the rankings again.
We get to set the clocks back and hour tonight.  Yipee!  I might sleep on the couch since Julie is sick.  Not yipee.

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