Julie was too sick to go to church with us this morning, but she did get up and was walking around in the afternoon.  Her fever had gone away.  But while I did not have a fever, I have had a general feeling of malaise all day.  I hope I am using that word right.

I laid down for a short nap around 1:30pm after paying some bills and didn’t get up until nearly 3pm.  So much for a short nap. I’ve never been a big fan of naps.  And I really didn’t feel much better.  
At 4pm the plan was to go see “The Dark Knight Rises”, and I stuck to the plan.  But I went by myself.  And ate a bag of popcorn that was probably big enough for two. What a long freaking movie, but overall I liked it and felt it might have had a better plot than “The Dark Knight”, though I think that movie was still better.  
Here it is 11:59pm.  I never feel like we really gained that hour.

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