Another Four Years

Another election is complete, and unfortunately, the guy I wanted did not win.  Oh well.  Obama wins fair and square.  I could add more, but I won’t.

But I want to talk about the election night.  It seems like I remember it being more exciting 4 years ago.  More tension and drama.  I tried several different channels: ABC, NBC, FOX, even PBS.  It seemed like it was a slower pace.  It could be that I had more people in the room last time?  Who knows. I don’t think any of my kids watched a single minute.  Sad, considering one is a year away from voting.  The worst part is we got bored and started watching an episode of “Person of Interest”.  When it was over, I turned coverage back on to find out the election had been called in favor of Obama!  What??  I thought it would be going on past midnight.  Anti-climatic.

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