Just Driving Around

I feel like I spent about 50% of my day in the car, and some of it could have been avoided.  

I started the day taking Mitchell up to the school for a parade the band was part of in Kennesaw.  Luckily, it wasn’t “be there at 6am”.  Rather, it was a manageable 8:20am.  Yet, when I got back home, I climbed back in bed.  Wasn’t feeling too great, which is par for the course lately.
Julie woke me to tell me that her 2pm interview was moved up to 10am.  What I didn’t realize is that I wouldn’t hear from her until after 11am, and I knew Roman had a birthday party to go to at noon in Kennesaw.  Our plan had been to watch the parade then drop Roman off.  Instead, Julie got the job and had to go take a drug test by 2pm.  So I drove him to the party, and it was much further than I imagined.  Already running late, I had trouble finding the place, which was an indoor rock climbing facility.  I stayed around a bit and watched Roman scale a couple walls and then realized that if I go home, I will get to spend 10 minutes there before I have to turn around and come back.  Like a dummy, I did it anyway.
My reasoning was I would go back and get Julie and Grace and then make one last attempt at going to the corn maze.  They agreed to do that (and we were late getting there again!), but it was still another 30 minutes to the corn maze.
So how was it?  Well, let’s just say the corn was all wilted and so much of the maze was see through.  And it certainly didn’t take an hour like the website advertises.  It took us about 30 minutes total.  For $10 a piece, I don’t know if that’s a great deal.  They had other things there that cost money that also didn’t seem like a great deal, but we did spend some time on the “bouncy pillow” and also ate some funnel cake.  By the time we got out of there and back home, it was after 5pm.
We stopped over by the site of our geocache from a couple weeks back, parking in front of a Moe’s. Roman noticed that Moe’s was advertising kids eat free on Saturday from 3-close.  We had just eaten that funnel cake, so would I have room for Moe’s?  I did indeed.  And I found out why the kids wanted to eat-in….the freestyle Coke machine.  Always a good time.
Now here’s where the fun begins.   Around 9:45, Mitchell, who was at a surprise party, sends a text to Julie saying the party would be done around 10pm.  Julie says to me, “Mitchell needs to be picked up by 10pm” and gives me the address on her phone.  I get out there only to have Mitchell tell me they weren’t done with their movie (of which he couldn’t tell me the title) and it wouldn’t be over for 20 minutes.  I went home….furious. I wanted to send Julie back, but I went back again anyway.  I call to find out he gave me the wrong address.  Rather, it’s his girlfriend’s address, who I was also picking up and bringing home.  So essentially I drove to her house THREE times and the house I picked them up at was nowhere close.  Biggest waste of time in the car ever.  The only thing worse was driving 1 hour in the wrong direction going from St. Louis to Chicago.  Long story.

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