Mitchell Takes a Long Drive

Today Mitchell went out on the road with his driving instructor for TWO hours.  That’s about an hour longer than he has driven with us combined.  His teacher gave him high marks but still said there was much to work on.  I say let him work on it with the instructor; at least he has a brake.

We stopped at Sam’s Club afterwards and spent over $100 in food and a couple other non-food items.  It’s hard to walk out of any wholesale club without spending over $100.
I had the Falcons game on delay and grimaced as I worked to get caught up.  Boy did they stink it up the first half.  But not as bad as the Cardinals offense stunk.  The Falcons turned the ball over SIX times, yet still won.  Poor Cards.
I should have been napping because I had a tired feeling I just couldn’t seem to overcome all day.  When I took the boys to the life teen mass, I found myself closing my eyes quite a bit during the service. I really need to avoid that mass.  Just much too long for me.

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