And So Begins the Five Day Stretch

Let it begin with a little sleeping in.  That always works.

I am having to think back on this day and I really can’t remember much.  Julie and I went out for a Subway sandwich and we sat outside as the weather has been fantastic.  On the way back, we dropped my car off to have yet another place take a look at the tire.
Katie and Mike didn’t really talk about going anywhere do the sleep schedules of their kids.  We continued our game of Risk and then later went out to Learning Express.  Taking a 2-year old into a toy store is never a good time because they never want to leave.  When it was time to go, Julie and Katy had already departed to stop by Whole Foods, leaving it to Mike and I.  I took George and Mike took the crying kid.  He was sad, but didn’t really throw a tantrum.  There wasn’t any running back into the store or grabbing on to something and holding on for dear life.  But he did cry the whole way home.
Roman bought a new game called Tilt and Grace also bought something that has slipped my mind.  Both bought candy, which I think is a waste when your parents buy it for you for free.  Update: Roman has already told me he has done all the puzzles on “Tilt”.
We finished our game of Risk and Roman won using a technique Mike said is not in the original Risk game.  You can trade in your victory cards for stars and the first player with 4 stars wins the game.  Not sure if we have that rule right, but if it is, that seems like the best way to go.
Mike had never seen The Avengers so I popped that in and watched it until he was called up to take care of the kids.  How nice it is to not have to worry about crying babies myself.

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