A Thanksgiving Tradition

Got off to a late start again as Mike had already left to get Jeremy.  Julie got busy in the kitchen, but it kicked off with a potato, bacon, and cheese casserole made by Katy.  From there the appetizers were piled on all day until dinner around 5pm.  We had olives, cheeses, veggies, artichoke dip….all delicious.

We played outside for awhile and I even raked some leaf piles for Teddy to play in.  Ladderball even made an appearance.  That thing has seen better days.
We played some Wii games throughout the day, starting with Mario Kart.  I still got it, but can’t beat Roman.  He knows all the best cars.
The tradition continued with fondue instead of turkey.  The night before I had gone to Kmart to make a last attempt at securing an electric fondue pot.  No luck.  The place was empty as usual.  Not sure what their crowd was like today, but I don’t care.  Mad at both Kmart and Walmart (and I am sure a host of other places) for even being open at all on Thursday.  We ended up using a Fry Daddy to heat the oil and it did a great job….almost too good.  The adults had the fondue pot and our meat probably took 3 times as long to cook.  That’s probably good or I would have filled up too quickly.  After this we got out the dessert items, dipping fruits and other items into hot caramel and fudge.  Delicious.
I was washing dishes for nearly 45 minutes after that because I recall listening to almost the entire “Safe Travels ” album by Jukebox the Ghost.  And I didn’t even completely finish.  Several items had to soak.
We got back on the Wii playing Rock Band.  Initially it was just Jeremy and I with Roman and Grace.  Roman and Grace kept wanting to sing and it was unbearable.  Grace was singing in a very annoying voice very loudly and repeating the same words over and over.  I could tell Jeremy couldn’t take it.  We gave Roman an ultimatum and he paid attention.  He tried singing better and it wasn’t too bad, though he find “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys very challenging, which is understandable.
I got to sing a couple, such as Bowie’s “Space Oddity”, but really nailed Stone Temple Pilots’ “Plush” with a 99% rating on hard.  I don’t get 99% on any of the instruments on easy.  I missed my calling.
We also split into teams and played Kabooki.  That was also a lot of fun, but for awhile we kept getting the same categories over and over, which was frustrating.  The ladies won.
While all this was going on, the Patriots were tearing up the Jets.  When I tuned in, the score was 35-3.  It ended up being 49-19.  Ouch.  Detroit should have won earlier in the day against the Texans, but instead kept shooting themselves in the foot.  Bad year for the Lions.
Mike and I finished watching The Avengers when he got back from dropping off Jeremy and that put a close to another Thanksgiving.
I talked to both Dawn and my parents today, but still no Donna. 

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