Bad Memory Kept Me Awake

I don’t know what time it was, but this morning I woke up and had an image of Max Von Sydow in my head (can’t recall if he was part of the dream), but I could not think of his name. I wasn’t even coming close.  And then something triggered it, I got it, and was able to fall back asleep.

However, around 6am I woke up from the sound of Biscuit barking and wimpering.  Our neighbors have two dogs that they can’t keep in their yard.  I have only seen one, but Julie said there were two.  I am having a really hard time believing they can’t keep them in the yard, and it’s very annoying.  But we (meaning Julie and the kids) need to do our part and SHUT the gate to the fence.  The dog actually came into the backyard and freaked me out when I saw his face at the back door.  I drove him out, but by the time I was able to get back to bed, it was time for Katy and Mike to start heading out.  I never did fall asleep. Guessing I will crash easily tonight, as I did not go back to sleep after they left like Julie did.

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