Google Play

A long time ago I had an account with (I think) The way it worked is you popped a CD into your computer’s CD drive and it stored it online for you to play anytime you wanted.  It was great until the lawyers came along and shut it down.  

Years later there was Music Master?  Again, I can’t remember the name.  This time you were supposedly uploading it.  They went away after a year or two as well.
Now we have Google Play.  I downloaded their Music Manager 3 days ago and started uploading.  It can only store 20,000 songs and I have more than that.  I let it randomly pick, but then I realized I didn’t want that.  And I also noticed several not being categorized to an album or artist due to the ID3 tag bullcrap.  The problem is you cannot stop Music Manager once you told it to do this.  I uninstalled it twice and now it thinks I already have 20K songs on the site though I have less than 4,000.  Probably need to turn off the computer and reset something.  Who knows.  It’s probably all for naught anyway.

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