The Return of the Sunday Feel

Even with five days off, Sunday feels no different.  It usually starts with a flood of things I need to do before I return to work, and some of it may include items to do for my job.  I have to get caught up on finances first, then do house chores. We bagged 3 full bags of leaves today, and there is still more to do out back.  I finally turned the water off under the house.  Doesn’t seem as creepy down there with the bags out.  We also took the Christmas stuff down  from the attic and Julie set up the tree.  But we haven’t put the lights and ornaments on yet.  

Jim and family were originally to come over today, but Julie had to go to see a production of the Nutcracker.  They are now coming next week.
I’m currently watching “The Walking Dead” and not paying very close attention.  How Julie grades papers and watches shows at the same time is beyond me.  Sports makes sense, but not dramas or full movies of any kind.  I also just realized something I don’t think I have seen on this show, and that’s zombie animals.  Does it only affect humans?  Getting really tired of the whole zombie genre. Period.

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