Back to It

Going back to work after having five days off is never a fun thing.  In fact, it feels terrible.  But it has to happen sooner or later.

Been thinking a lot about what the driving instructor said to me regarding Mitchell’s “self-awareness”.  With the way he tries to multitask with watching shows, playing games, and doing homework ALL at the same time, I am worried that he will try do the same while he drives.  The instructor seemed very concerned.  He also told me that he made conversation with Mitchell by asking him what his parents did for a living and that he wasn’t able to answer the question.  Perhaps that’s my fault as I am not even sure what to call myself anymore.  
Roman and I played a board game called Acuity tonight.  Julie got it from some friends that moved away, though Julie is always complaining we have too many board games.  It may say for ages 6 and up, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  It’s not.  Well, it’s easy to learn , but recognizing patterns at times can be tough for me.  Roman was taking me to the cleaners at the beginning, but I started to rebound at the end.  He ended up winning.  I tried to convince him that there were bonus points for the player that matched the most patterns without turning a card (which was certainly me), but he didn’t buy it.  Smart kid.

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