Great Service

Having to rewrite this as I accidentally closed the wrong tab on the browser.  Arrrrgggh.

On Tuesday, I was supposed to receive a package from Amazon, and it showed online that it was delivered at 2pm. When it didn’t arrive Wednesday, I wrote Amazon about it.  Even though they said wait a few days in their FAQ, I stated my case, and that evening received an e-mail saying they were resending it 2-day mail!  That’s fantastic service.  Yet, I still want to know where the original ended up.
This is the 2nd time in the last couple weeks I received great service from a .com.  Back on Valentine’s Day, I gave Julie a voucher from for her and I to horseback riding.  I am pretty sure I checked the reputation of Harmony and Horsemanship back then, but when we were ready to schedule our horseback ride a couple months back, I found the site redirected me to RG Horsemanship.  I tried to contact them through phone and e-mail with no reply.  The Yelp rating on H&H is now one star and several people have claimed that they are not honoring the vouchers.  And Crowdsavings was not the only “voucher company” scammed.  I saw the likes of LivingSocial, Google Offers, etc.  Terrible.  But when I finally wrote , they immediately refunded the money.  Very cool, though I am betting I was not the first person to write them on this. I hope they sue the crap out of the horsey company, whatever they call themselves.  And now it appears I will have to go even longer without having ridden a horse.

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