Tonight was the big wrap-up for DancinGrits, a group Roman has been going to for awhile that meets once a month in Woodstock to teach Ballroom Dance & Etiquette training for youths.  I hadn’t seen any of it, and after Julie dropped him off, parents were invited to come back at 10pm and watch the last half hour, which is what we did.

When we arrived, the kids were dancing individually to some peppy song I had never heard and Roman appeared to be watching the other kids to see what to do, so he was always slightly behind.  He had missed Monday’s class when Julie forgot about it, so perhaps it was a routine they learned on Monday.  All the kids have to go up to a girl and ask to dance, so we did get to witness his couple’s dance, which was much better.  Later, he danced with Julie as well. She claims he is a better dancer than me. Of course, that doesn’t take much to do.  

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