My Wife, the Supervisor!

Today was Julie’s first day on the job, even if it was mostly to watch training videos.  It was a fairly short work day for her, but since it occurred during Grace’s AHG service project at the church, I got to take her there.  The parents weren’t really involved in it, so I spent a lot of time cleaning cruddy apps off my phone.  

Today was the last day of Apple Annie at the church, which is a large arts and crafts show.  We got something for my mom there that I think she will like.  I would have liked to have gone back and look for something more for Julie.  But I guess they can’t do it Sunday because of church services.  Julie spent a lot of time over the last week making some painted wooden saints for the show and they appeared to be selling well when we went by there on Thursday night.  (Funny aside: that night, I had a glass of wine that kept making me want to sneeze when I drank it.  Weird).
Got some gifts wrapped today too.  Mostly small stuff.  I cleaned up our wrapping paper situation and we should be good to go through the season.  Scotch tape is another story.

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