The Shuttle Bus

I had to drive Mitchell to a surprise party in Woodstock since Julie had to work.  Since it was pretty far, I spent over 2 hours driving back and forth.  I only got to catch a piece of the Patriots win against the Dolphins.  But on our way back home we got to stop at Tuesday Morning.  That was fun.  I haven’t been in one for some time and yet always find it interesting.

I never did pick up a dust mask this weekend, though I thought about stopping several times.  But Grace and I did get back to reading book 7 in the Series of Unfortunate Events.  And we just got home from seeing the late show of “Looper.”  Now if only I can find more time to do something with Roman.  All we did was take a brief walk with the dog.  He complained that we were going at night, as if he WANTED to go earlier. 🙂  But we wouldn’t have got to see the neighbor’s very elaborate light display.  For the first time we noticed that 3 of the reindeer are animatronic! Very cool.

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