Back to the Gym

We went to the gym tonight.  First time in a long while.  While there, some moron sprayed me with cleaner from a spray bottle.  First, he puts a towel on the machine I want to use then walks back and forth several times to get a drink, etc.  I figured he was getting ready to use it.  So I take the one next to it.  No more than 10 seconds on my machine, he comes over, removes his towel, and then proceeds to clean it.  His first spray is from an angle that goes all over me.  I don’t think he even realized it.  I didn’t make a production out of it, but it did bug me.

I also took a bath tonight for the first time in a long time.  I gave up on watching the Giants vs. Redskins game.  It looked to me like the Giants would win as Bradshaw was running all over them.  But I was wrong as apparently the Redskins came back to win.  And of course, all credit went to RGIII.  

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