70 in December

One thing I love about the South: mild winter.  I do miss snow at times, but I can’t stand bitter cold over long periods of time. Yet it still seasonal here, unlike Florida.

I got up late again because of crummy sleep and overall sickness.  It was much like yesterday.  Since I knew Max was going to the 6pm mass, I figured I would join him.  Finally got around to cleaning up the water heater closet and mowed the backyard (after Mitchell attempted it).  I wanted it cut REALLY short to get rid of the leaves.  Not sure if his mow did anything really.
Went to the new Ace Hardware.  Reminded me a lot of…..Ace Hardware.  But it’s nice to have another hardware option close by not named Home Depot.  I also stopped into a store to mail a UPS package.  You would THINK a UPS store would have a dropbox outside.  Not so.  I had been to this gift store before, which also has a post office in it, and the guy really talked me up, showing me all his gifts.  I knew I was not going to be making any dents on Christmas shopping here, but I did pick up some stocking stuffers.
Falcons lost only their second game today.  But to the Carolina Panthers?  Come on.

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