Still Recuperating

I still haven’t quite shaken this cough.  I actually went out to my car at lunch time and tried to take a short nap after spending the night on the couch.  I was keeping Julie awake with my coughing.  She asked me politely to move to the couch.  I even tried the humidifier, but all it managed to do was soak the floor and the bed.  

Tonight we went shopping at Target for gifts, but mostly bought stocking stuffers.  Still, it came to the tune of $130 dollars.  I guess a chunk of that was for a gift card for Max. 
When we got back, I had to get caught up on the Texans vs. Patriots game.  Game of the week!   It wasn’t much of a game, though.  Patriots steamrolled over them.  While most people don’t like to see such a game, I always enjoy it, as long as it’s the team I want to win doing the steamrolling.

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