Getting Organized

Spent time going through e-mails, getting organized, and crossing things off the to-do list.  During this, the Falcons blew out the Giants 34-0, which is nice.  I always like to see the Giants lose.  

Today was also Mitchell’s last driving day.  I had him drive over to the school in the rain and I thought he did very well.  He didn’t seem nervous at all, and driving in the rain still makes me nervous, especially at night.  After dropping him off, I stopped by to see Julie.  I had no plans to buy anything, but she was helping someone, so I went browsing and bought two boxes of cereal and one air freshener.  I stayed around long enough for her to take her break and she told me about the guy she was helping.  Apparently, she helped him order socks on their website.  Socks.  And he didn’t have an e-mail address, so that made it even more complicated.  But in the end, he gave her a “high five”, which is some positive write-up employees get for exemplary service.  Who knows what happens to the paperwork.
With all the running back and forth, I bought Taco Bell tonight.  Right now I am watching the Patriots play the 49’ers at home.  It’s a nasty day out, just like it is here (it’s been raining all day).  It’s not going so well for the Pats.

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