The Procession

Today I went out to the gym during lunch, but was stymied trying to get home.  Apparently a funeral service was going on for an officer killed in the line of duty.  Max and his friend made me aware of it, but I had no idea they would be driving in my direction at 1:30.  I crossed over into another shopping center, thinking it was a shortcut.  Big mistake.  Either way, the procession took TEN MINUTES to go by.  That’s 10 minutes of police cars going about 25 miles an hour.  That’s A LOT of cars!  I couldn’t believe it. I kept thinking they must be going around the block and I was seeing the same cars over and over.  But not so.  I was told they were heading to Kennesaw.  Wrong place at the wrong time, but it was still moving to see such a display for someone that gave their life before Christmas.  At least for the first 3 minutes.


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