Tale of Two Drivers

We were getting ready to pull out of our neighborhood today when I saw up ahead a driver turn left out of the neighborhood when there was someone waiting to turn left IN to the neighborhood off a busy road.  The driver to the right, or the one on the busy road, has the right of way, but he for reasons unknown must have waved the other car out while he waited.  By the time I got to the place to stop and wait, cars were coming in each direction.  But as it cleared up, I could tell dumb bunny was STILL not going to turn in to the neighborhood.  I tried not to make eye contact (and it’s not like I could see him clearly anyway), but when I did, he started waving us out.  I think it even got to a point where he became animated, as if I was doing something wrong.  Reluctantly, I pulled out, crossing in front of him and shaking my head the whole time.  If he thought he was doing his good deed for the day, he was completely wrong.  I was peeved.  All I could think is that he was wanting to make a U-turn, but as I looked into my rear view mirror, I saw this was not the case.  And I became even more angry.  Why do people do that?  There are some cases in which it can be a good deed, but those are few and far between.

We went up the road about a half mile and as I was getting ready to pass through the light, someone DID make a U-turn, and rather then get into the other lane, got in the one I was riding in at the time.  I quickly swerved and honked the horn.  The guy looked a little miffed and I will give him the benefit of the doubt that MAYBE he didn’t see me.  But there was one problem….he was driving a BMW.  My disdain for BMW’s is well-documented, and my family tires of hearing it.  But BMW drivers are usually in a special class, and I don’t necessarily mean “upper”.  I mean that they tend to focus on their driving and don’t care about what others are doing on the road.  Again, I will give him the benefit of the doubt, and it was aggravating in that there were NO cars behind me for at least a quarter mile.  But I won’t forget it was a BMW and will add it to my mental list of BMW offenses. 🙂

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