Figured it Out

Ever since we moved to AT&T U-Verse, we have been unable to use our Blu-ray player over the wireless to stream Netflix and other services.  I have been able to get it going temporarily, but never for very long.  Every time it looked like it might work, it would crap out or get hung up.  When Mike and Katy were here, Mike and I fiddled with it several times.

I finally found a fix, and one I really like.  I can use a wired setup simply by using the connection that feeds the cable box.  So how I have a cord for the cable box and the Blu-ray player and depending on what I want to use, that device gets connected.  I thought I had tried this before, but apparently not.  It’s not the most convenient option, but the streaming is much more reliable and looks better using wired.  Hooray for me!

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