Wet Christmas

It’s the 2nd day in a row of rain, and unfortunately it had to happen on Christmas.  It’s not like we were going anywhere really.

The kids came in to wake us up at 7:30, and I sent them back to bed until 8:15.  We didn’t get to bed until close to 3am after a few more wrappings we forgot and having to put everything under the tree.  In fact, Julie mentioned tonight that we forgot the Jones soda. Oops.
We sat around for a bit after opening gifts.  I received a couple CDs (Demetri Matrin, The Cribs), some cool NFL pennants, a book on guys that ALMOST became President, a Falcons t-shirt, a new jacket, and another t-shirt that was in the face of a pug, among other things.  I wore the pug shirt all day.  It’s quite the thing of beauty.
Mitchell put on “The Dark Knight Rises” around 1pm and between stopping to make appetizers, dinner, and eating dinner, the movie was over around 6pm.  I made some bacon and shrimp appetizers that we devoured.  I still have plenty of shrimp left.  We also have plenty of leftover turkey.
The only game we played together took place between Grace, Julie, and I.  We played “Seven Dragons”, which was the game we were going to give to Mike for his birthday that he already owns.  It’s a decent game, but not at the top of my list.
Speaking of games, forgot I got Chrononauts: Early Americans edition (or something like that).  Need to play that tomorrow night.

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