Worst Game Ever

I have lost board/cards games plenty of times during my lifetime.  And odds are, if you average the number of players in a typical game to be around 3, it’s reasonable to say I have lost more than I have won.  But never in my life do I remember being dominated to the degree I was today.  I was completely helpless and every turn I took proved fruitless.

Roman and I set the cards up to play UberChrononauts.  This is when you combine the original Chrononauts card game and add in Early American Chrononauts (EAC).  You, the reader, has probably played neither, but bare with me.  The rules change in that you draw two cards every turn, playing one and discarding one.  You also get the choice of completing one of two missions but most also complete one of two ID cards and get ten cards in your hand (usually the last thing that will happen).  The game is complex as it is (especially EAC with all its new gadgets), but adding them both together is a nightmare.  Or at least it felt this way because, as I mentioned, I was totally dominated.
Roman started by getting about every gadget in existence from the EAC game and using them to totally screw me over.  He likes to do this when we play games.  For the first half of a game, he will typically play cards to mess you up and then the second half actually focus on winning.  By the end of the game, he had done all 3 of the requirements and I wasn’t close to finishing one.  He had about 15 artifacts and gadgets in front of him.  He kept getting cards that allowed him to look through the draw pile.  I told him if he drew one more gadget card from the pile, I was letting him have the win.  But he didn’t want to win like that, so the torture was prolonged.
Will I play him again?  Sure.  Will I jump at the chance?  No.

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