The Never-Ending Garage Mess

While Julie was out checking out some are gallery in Woodstock, I worked out in the garage trying to make room for the old, ripped couch and clear out junk that could go elsewhere, all the while listening to Husker Du’s “Warehouse: Songs and Stories”.  First task was clearing out all the junk that had piled up right outside the door.  That was easy enough.  But I also wanted to get a box of games into the attic space, as well as a box of winter boots, etc. and some Halloween costumes.  

But little do I remember that the door to the attic space off Julie’s closet has a very slim door, and so I had to actually remove all the games from the box and collapse it, rebuilding and refilling it within the attic space.  I almost put my foot through the floor, which would have gone through the garage ceiling.  Not good.
In order to finally get the couch in the garage, Mitchell, Julie, and I had to carry it through the back door and around the house.  Before we even got out the door, Julie asked that I try pushing it across the floor a little more.  Not sure why as it wasn’t going to make a big difference before we picked it up to leave, but I complied.  However, I didn’t lift it enough and broke the threshold.  Therefore, in the end, something DID get damaged.  
And speaking of damage, I just helped Max get Grace’s car out of the grass in front of our house. It’s raining again outside and she got stuck in the mud.  She pulled it pretty far into the yard for my liking, and though we were able to push her out, there’s clearly some deep tire marks in the yard.  I asked her just to park in the driveway next time. Oh well.  It’s not like the yard looks nice anyway.

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