The Return

Did a little better today getting out of bed than yesterday: 9:30am instead of 10:30am.  I can smell 8:30am tomorrow.

We went to lunch today for “sushi”.  I put it in quotes because the place is more of a chinese buffet with sushi as an extra.  But it’s not bad sushi.  Plus, they have a “mongolian grill” area that’s not too bad either, all for $6.59.  We went there as a family probably over a year ago.  I’d go back.
We stopped at the thrift store next door but I didn’t find anything other than a 99 cent t-shirt I plan to wear underneath a sweater.  And that’s only backup in case the other shirt is dirty.  It’s navy-colored and promotes Aquafina water, so my old friends at Coca-Cola wouldn’t like it.
We also stopped at Target to return the Perplexus Epic that Aunt Nancy gave the family.  We already own it. Surprisingly, we got $25 for it with no receipt.  It went on a gift card, but we were buying items anyway that nearly spent the entire gift card.  Had I bought deodorant there, we would have.  But I am so annoyed by Target’s deodorant section.  They divide men’s and women’s and there is never anything on sale.  They had a Mitchum 2-pack gel, except it was unscented.  Who buys unscented?  
We also returned my jacket (with receipt this time) but did not replace it because there was nothing suitable.  Julie gave it to me as a gift and the sleeves were much too long.  And it was a bit snug when I zipped it.  Need to take some pounds off the tummy.

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