Ye Ole Rolling Stone

Was just thinking about a major gaffe Rolling Stone made in a book I was glancing through at the library last week.  It was a book about the life of George Harrison, by the editors of Rolling Stone. I was looking at the pictures and noticed one that was a picture of George and Tom Petty while in The Traveling Wilburys.  But the caption also mentioned Jeff Lynne.  I looked back at the picture and noticed they were confusing drummer Jim Keltner with Jeff Lynne.  Now I know JL isn’t the most well known of the Wilburys, but remember, this is ROLLING STONE making the error.  Come on.  I have known for years they aren’t fans of ELO, but you still think they would be a bit less careless.

I can’t believe I used to subscribe to the magazine, and this is when I was probably around 15.  While still intrigued by what they have to say on music, I always picture any other article leaning far to the left, just as everyone accuses Fox of leaning far to the right.  But Fox wouldn’t deny this; RS would sell it as truth.  
But forget their politics.  It’s their “Top 100” music lists that always drive me crazy.  They will make a list of the 100 greatest guitarists, and have people like Kurt Cobain in the Top 5.  Or the dude from Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore.  I can’t say I listen to Sonic Youth, but these picks are there because they are hip and cool.  I bet neither of these guys would call themselves the world’s greatest guitarist.  I doubt Kurt would say anything since he’s dead.
About a year ago, we had Rolling Stone delivered to our house in Julie’s name. I am sure it was someone’s idea of a joke, but I never figured out who did it.  I will say that, unlike Entertainment Weekly, I still look at their album reviews because they review alternative music.  But I can always see the reviewer in my head and think, “If he or she like it enough to give it 5 stars, it’s probably unlistenable.”  But for the most part, the magazine went right to the recycle bin.

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