Sayonara 2012

I should have taken the time out to write a recap of 2012, but why bother: it’s all here.  Plus, I’d like to forget how it ended.  But one must be optimistic for the new year.

Unfortunately, my mother hasn’t been well since she got here.  Looks like her bronchitis is back.  But she did get out shopping with Julie and I took my dad to Trader Joe’s, where he enjoyed looking at the wine selection.  He even bought a bottle for me.
While the ladies went to Cheeky for lunch, my dad and I tool the kids to Chick-fil-a to use the last of our coupons.  I am sure I have plenty of coupons to throw away in the next coming days that expire on 12-31-12, but these we used and it paid off.  Lunch for the six of us was around $20.  That place is always a mad house!  Can’t believe how busy they get.  Perhaps everyone else was using their coupons.
We went to an afternoon showing of “Here Comes the Boom”.  It seems no one was familiar with this movie other than me.  I must have repeated the title about seven times to various members of the family, including my parents. I didn’t have high expectations, but everyone really enjoyed the movie.  And other than the fight scenes and a scene of someone throwing up, there was no bad language anywhere in the movie.  It’s tough these days to pull off a good PG movie, but they did it.  And I applaud them.
We watched another movie in the evening (“The Winning Season”) so my mom could recuperate.  There was a lot of talk of them leaving before midnight.  In the end, they stayed until the ball dropped.  We played Five Crowns until we were done after midnight, and I won!  Perhaps a good sign?
I am obviously cheating on the posting of this since I said we were up past midnight.  But oh well.  Want it to count for last year. 🙂
Happy New Year!

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