A Somewhat Dull Affair

My mother’s sickness continued today.  Wondering who else might get this nasty cough she has.  I finally got over mine a couple week back.  No thanks.

We played Sequence today and Julie and I kicked my parents’ butts in 4 games.  After that, my dad had enough.  I didn’t think he would go for Seven Dragons, but we ended up playing a lot of games.  With a little help, everyone was able to get at least one win.  And my dad didn’t have to worry about a teammate.
Julie had to go into work, and that just meant my mom was heading for the couch.  I tried to find something for all to watch, but Mitchell had a friend over and Max went out with Grace.  We watched “The Three Musketeers”, but I fell asleep through part of it.  It’s a remake made in 2011.  I didn’t recognize hardly anyone in lead roles, so that was kind of interesting.  The special effects were very good, and the starting sequence reminded me of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.  Grace and Roman each watched part of it.
Before my parents had to depart, we did play “Apples to Apples”. It’s the first game we had everyone involved.  Only took 3 days.   Roman was getting a little too excited while playing.  That may be why he threw up later in the evening.

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