Almost Done

I am almost finished putting together a family DVD….for 2007.  I decided that I would do a disc per year for the remaining video.  I really need to clear some space off the computer, and getting rid of the old video (or moving it to the external hard drive) is key.  And the boys need to stop downloading games that take over 12GB of space.

For each disc, I am making a slide show of pictures set to music from that year as well as video, so each DVD will contain pieces of media.  It beats overlapping years and having too many different things to watch.  I spent nearly two hours getting the pictures today and just finished putting together the slide show.  It’s only 10 minutes long.  The video piece is about 60 minutes if I remember correctly and that’s about 95% finished.  So really all I have left is the DVD authoring.  Hopefully I can get that done tomorrow.
I didn’t even go out today, other than to update the MyGig on our Dodge van.  Not sure why I even bother.  The updates don’t come from Chrysler; I find them from total strangers on the internet.  Not sure who is creating the Gracenote update file.  I didn’t even go bowling today as I had hoped, but got a lot done.  I should probably go to the gym, but I think I would rather try to make some progress on the book that someone put a hold on and now I have to return it.  That person is just going to have to wait a few more days because I plan on returning it late.

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