How My Night Began

Around 5:45pm, when Julie started her work shift, I received a call from Comcast but didn’t pick up the phone as I am not a current Comcast customer.  A few minutes later, I heard someone play the message in the other room so that the machine would stop beeping.  The message was a reminder that someone was coming out to our house tomorrow between 11am-1pm.  Say what?  I went in the other room to see if I heard that right, but Roman got on the phone with his friend.  I told him to call him back, because our machine won’t play unless no one is on the phone. A real antique, I guess.  I called back, and though there was an option to cancel the appointment, it still asked that I talk to a representative.  It gave me the option of having someone call back, so I put in my cell number.  It said it would be about 18 minutes.

I went upstairs because my cell phone was out of power.  Rather than bring the charger back downstairs, I charged the phone in the bedroom and laid down to read a book on parenting.  Naturally, I fell asleep.  I awoke close to seven and was surprised no one called.  But someone HAD called.  Three times.  Problem?  My ringer was muted. Why that was I have no idea.
I called back and this time it did not give the option for a callback. I waited about 15 minutes and explained the situation.  Turns out that someone had my phone number on the account.  I never really understood if it was a new account, but I explained to the rep I have had this number since November 2010 and that they better make sure to get the person’s correct number on the account as I didn’t want anymore calls. 
Scam or just a legitimate mistake?  Don’t know, but I certainly didn’t want that nap and it was a bad start to the evening.

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