Game of the Season?

I had no intention of watching very much football today.  Truthfully.  I knew I would be watching a lot on Sunday with both the Falcons AND Patriots playing in games. But as I was talking to my dad, he says to me, “Did you see this?”  I knew he must be watching the Ravens vs. Broncos game.  Apparently the Broncos took a kick back for a TD.  So I turned it on.  And before we could get off the phone, Joe Flacco throws a bomb to Torrey Smith for a Ravens TD.  I figured this one might be special.  It was.

I didn’t watch every play, but caught a good 75% of a double-overtime humdinger, won by the Ravens.  The game had EVERYTHING: kick off returns for TDs, defensive TDs, long plays, close calls, end arounds… name it.  I wanted the Ravens to win, though I am a fan of neither team.  I just knew that if the Patriots won, it meant the next AFC game would have to go through New England.  The Patriots have trouble with the Ravens at home, so it will be an interesting game.  
I didn’t watch the second game, but I wanted the 49’ers to win that one and they did.  Just tired of hearing about Aaron Rodgers, now that the Packers have shook off winning without Brett Favre.  

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