Football Extravaganza

I watched enough football today to choke a squirrel.  Once again, the teams I wanted to win pulled it off (Falcons, Patriots).  As conflicted as I would be on who I would want to win, I think it would be cool to see a Patriots vs. Falcons Super Bowl.  I am sure the NFL would rather have Harbaugh Bowl (49er’s vs. Ravens).  No thanks.  But the Falcons have work to do after almost giving away the game to the Seahawks.  The 49er’s will prove just as challenging, if not more so.  And the Patriots always have a tough time with the Ravens.  They lost to them earlier in the year.  I forgot that last year’s AFC Championship matchup was the Pats and Ravens.  That game came down to a dropped pass in the end zone (or more like spectacular play by Patriot Sterling Moore) and a missed field goal by the Ravens.  In other words, they had a little luck.  Need to blow them away this time, but history shows that doesn’t really happen between these two teams.  It will be a good game.


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