Trial Offers Bonanza

I received 3 DVD’s (acually, 2 Blu-ray) in the mail today from Netflix after signing up for a free month of Netflix DVD service, which I used to belong to a couple years back before the big debacle at Netflix in which they briefly created a separate company to handle the DVD side and raised their prices dramatically.  It’s doubtful I will continue after my free month, especially at the service plan I selected (the most expensive one), though I did like getting movies in the mail that I can’t stream.  

But this is only one of 4 different trials I have going on right now.  After paying for a month of eMusic with my Christmas money and downloading what I wanted, I went to cancel and received the message that they would grant me a free month.  So I accepted and need to cancel after that month is over. 
Then there is ShopRunner, a service that I haven’t fully explored but covered the cost of my delivery expense at Domino’s last week when I ordered pizza.  I believe this one is the most crucial to cancel on time because it’s a yearly charge to the tune of $79 or something pretty close.  
Finally, there is Redbox Instant.  This is probably least likely to be continued, even though it’s $8 a month.  First, I believe I can only watch the movies on the computer, phone, and tablet.  Second, it’s not very different from the offerings on Netflix.  And lastly, they kind of made me mad the other night as I spent nearly an hour trying to figure out how to use it on the laptop and also how to redeem the 4 free credits they gave me.
So 4 free credits at the kiosk AND 3 movies from Netflix.  How the heck am I going to watch all these movies? Not sure, but I am entering all cancellation dates into my calendar right now so I don’t forget.

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