Who is Winning Those Things?

In the last couple days, I have probably filled out at least 3 surveys to try to win $100, $1,000, $5,000….whatever it is they want to offer.  This morning it was a Rite Aid survey and I honestly don’t remember what the other ones were so they don’t have to worry about me checking up on them.  But then I got to thinking….in this day and age, wouldn’t it be relatively easy to notify everyone who entered who exactly won?  Or is it that nobody is winning these sweepstakes?  

I have entered so many Access Atlanta contests that I receive in my e-mail once a week.  They are usually for free event tickets, such as plays, movies, museums, etc.  I have never once won.  Never.  So I ask, who is winning?  I give them my e-mail, so how about an e-mail announcement every now and then as to who is winning so we know this stuff is legit?
It’s so easy to enter sweepstakes and contests these days without filling out a survey.   It usually only takes one minute.  But a minute is still valuable time.  I am sure there will be a period where I swear them all off, like I pretty much did until about 3-4 weeks ago.  Until then, I’ll still be getting suckered into giving different companies my e-mail so they can simply send me offers, even when I don’t check the box that allows them to send me offers.

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