Computer Installations

It always amazes me how long I can spend on a computer running different utilities or installing software.  After spending a little time on Julie’s laptop last night, removing an unwanted AskToolbar and Weather Channel App that someone obviously inadvertently installed after playing something on a site called PlayFizz, I decided to do some cleaning on my dad’s old laptop.  I also did further cleaning on Julie’s laptop.  I ran the usual utilities like Spybot and Malwarebytes and cleaned up a lot.  My dad’s computer also had too many things starting up in the background. 

Also today I received TurboTax and an updated copy of Norton Internet Security.  There is a big difference of opinion on the effectiveness of AV software, which I finally read online today.  Some people think it’s a total waste of time and it certainly can use the CPU, but others are of my opinion, and that’s that it is better than using nothing.  My dad’s old laptop was only using Microsoft Security Essentials, and perhaps this IS all I need.  But after getting a free copy of Norton a couple years back from Comcast, I decided I like it much better than McAfee and Bitdefender (which was the worst piece of junk I have ever used).  I have never had any issues so I will stick with it.  Plus, PCMag rated it high.  And hey, we all know how dependable they are as a resource, right?  Or do we?


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