No More Unfamiliar Groupons

A few months back I bought a Groupon for Dickey’s Bar-b-q Pit in Kennesaw.  I spent $13 to receive $40 in food. It was regularly $18, but I had a coupon for $5.  I had until February to use it.  It was my idea to go today.  And Max had to go to work at 2pm, so we got the OK to go without him, though we saw him leaving for work as we arrived home.

It took us 20 minutes to get there, which is a bit far out of the way.  As we pulled in, we noticed it was a pretty small place, right on the corner of a very small strip mall. When we walked in the door, there was a big line already going to the door.  Looks like there would be no table service; order at the counter and sit down.  Bummer, but that wasn’t the biggest problem.  There was hardly any seating inside, and none anywhere nearby outside.  Plus, it was cold outside….maybe 50 degrees.  We also noticed kids eat free, which might explain the crowd.
But kids eat free only when the kids order from the kids’ menu.  And I had a feeling our kids would not do that.  They didn’t.  Instead, everyone but Julie and I ordered a $12 rib plate.  Add on Julie and I and it now comes to $54.  That’s right…..$54 for a place that doesn’t even serve you.  And as suspected, we found no seat.  After deliberating for awhile inside to try to get a seat (during which time a police offer actually took a table we should have had after Mitchell failed to grab it), we finally went outside and ate at a table in front of Dunkin’ Donuts.  We weren’t the only family to have to do so, as a large group joined us about 5 minutes later.  Julie was cold and so I gave up my jacket, but with short sleeves and no sunshine on me, I needed it back about 5 minutes later.  
What a crappy way to spend lunch.  And the food wasn’t even that great.  With the Groupon price and the additional amount, it really wasn’t a good deal at all.  Add in the price of gas.  It’s safe to say I won’t be returning to Dickey’s anymore. 

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