And Then There Were None

I can’t remember the year, but around the time of our wedding anniversary, we went to the Strawbale Winery outside of Sioux Falls, SD.  My guess is it was 2009.  Sioux Falls (or really anywhere in the midwest) isn’t exactly known for its wine, but its fun to see these small operations and sample the different wines.  And of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete without buying wine.  I remember we probably bought around 6-8 bottles, and at least 3 of them was a currant wine.  Deliciously sweet, which is the way I like it though I seem to never get that.

Most of the wine was gone within the first 6 months, but one bottle has hung around with us…..until now.  Well, Sunday to be precise.  I guess I was never excited about it to begin with and I don’t know if it aged too long, but it pretty much met my expectations.  It wasn’t good.  I just poured the rest of it down the drain tonight after we each had a glass.  It was an Apple Raspberry wine.  
I hate for that to be the last memory of Strawbale, as I really, really liked the Currant Wine.  If I am ever in the area again, perhaps a return trip is in order.

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